About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, former Case Manager at Sequel Youth and Family Services, a privately owned Individual & Family Services company, which offers treatment options and programs for people with behavioral, and emotional, challenges. I earned my Master’s holder in Counseling Psychology from Liberty University, VA.

To sail through life’s set of challenges, and cope with one’s stress, anxiety, unexpected loss or any other everyday struggle, I offer diverse solution focused strategies. Proficient in Person-centered therapy (PCT), Choice Theory, Brief therapy, and other models like Cognitive Behavioral therapy, I empower my clients to resolve issues between families, spouses, parent and children, either in an individual or group therapy setting.

While serving at Sequel Youth, I worked with adolescent teens mentoring and rehabilitating them through psycho-educational groups, basic living skills groups, alongside assisting in their psychiatric and medical care. I employed Peer-Group-Dynamics therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and various other counseling techniques to help them cope with sexual and emotional abuse, grief and depression.

Right from creating a treatment plan for each resident, to ensuring their holistic well-being, I focused on building a network of rapport with the related parties including the juvenile’s probation officer, child’s parent or guardian, psychiatrist and teaching staff – so as to have an all-inclusive effect on the mental health, educational and social needs of the residents.

With a passion for healthy children and families, I believe in offering valuable tools to enable greater understanding and sustained family relationships. I provide testing and assessment for ADHD, and specialize across children, adolescent, and adult counseling, because I believe in the human’s capability to achieve holistic health. I am a proficient communicator in English, French, and Spanish.

Currently, I own and operate Healing Grace Counseling Services, located in Madison, Alabama.